Welcome to Orchard Cottage!

This is my very first blog so I’d like to welcome you all to Orchard Cottage! Now the name conjures up some gorgeous chocolate boxy cottage in a lovely English village in beautiful countryside but sorry to disappoint you – it’s not quite like that! We live in Carnoustie (better known for its golf) and our house sits on a busy main road into town. We live right next door to a Premier shop (where my Mum works), and have several amenities very close by. That doesn’t stop us trying to live the good life! My Mum in particular loves the garden and grows a lot of vegetables. We have four hens but you will read more about them in later posts no doubt.¬† Today I’m going to give you a tour of the garden so that you’ll kind of know which areas I’m talking about as we go along. I’ve made a quick garden plan (not to scale). Our garden is north-facing.

garden plan

A. My Dads pigeon loft. Thankfully don’t have to venture near it unless I’m opening them up or if my parents are away on holiday when I have to feed them. Quickly moving on …


B. My Mums vegetable plot opposite the loft. We grow different things like cabbage, broccoli, beans, lettuce, onions etc. Notice the sweet peas climbing over the front.


C. The plum tree and apple trees which give the house its name. I use them for hanging my bird feeders on!


D. The arbour where you can sit and relax. Great views of the birds on the feeders from here.


E. The hen house. We had a scare with a local fox a few months ago (long story) so we got this fruit cage to put over the hen house bit of an eyesore if I’m totally honest but it’s a bit of a safety net (excuse the pun!) and we can put the hens in if we’re going out.


F. The pond. We have a couple of fish in there and at the moment it’s choked with lilies but it’s great having a pond. Everyone should have one!


G. The twin seats. Again an excellent place for relaxing out in the garden!


H. The arch. We had nesting Blackbirds this year who raised a healthy brood of four chicks.


I. The greenhouse. Lots of tomato plants in here at present!


J. The newly laid patio and paths were done by my parents last year. The wall was made by them too. Isn’t it a great feature? Made up of the old paving slabs.


K. The side part of the extension looking down to the small coal shed and bird box. Hopefully we get Blue Tits nesting in it next year. We did have one Blue Tit use it for roosting over the winter.


And that’s basically the garden! Will do another post soon!



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